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Update: Enrollment Increases Are No Longer A Project Under CEQA

Berkeley, CEQA, UC

CP&DR News Briefs March 8, 2022: State Housing Plan; UC Berkeley Update; San Jose Open Space Suit; and More

Enviros Stop Martis Valley Project

CEQA, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Martis Valley, Placer County

CP&DR News Briefs March 1, 2022: L.A. Housing Element; Sacramento "Prohousing;" High Speed Rail Costs; and More

Stadium Sites Present Opportunities in Sacramento, Oakland

Oakland, Sacramento, Stadiums

CP&DR Vol. 37 No. 2 February 2022


CP&DR News Briefs: February 22, 2022: Disney Residential Community; UC Berkeley Enrollment; Housing Suit in Livermore; and More

The Story Behind The Berkeley Enrollment Freeze -- And What It Means For Planning

Berkeley, CEQA, University of California

CP&DR News Briefs February 15, 2022: S.D. Housing Incentives; S.F. Vacancy Tax Measure; SB 9 Lawsuit; and More

Cities Struggle to Comply With Tougher Housing Element Rules

Beverly Hills, Camarillo, Housing Elements, Los Angeles, RHNA
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