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Enviros Lose Battle Over "Infill" In Chico

Chico, Climate Action Plans, Infill

Specific Plan CEQA Exemption Helps Push Newark Project Through

CEQA, Endangered Species, Housing, Newark, Sea Level Rise, Specific Plans, Wetlands

Neighbors' Opposition to San Diego Project Runs Into Density Bonus Law

Density Bonus Law, Housing, Housing Accountability Act, San Diego

Vagueness in Development Code Trips Up Housing Project

Development Code, Housing, Santa Cruz, Slope

Davis Project Highlights Problems With Subjective Standards

Davis, Housing, Mixed Use, Objective Standards, Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment

Lake County's Reverse-Reverse-CEQA Case

CEQA, Lake County, Wildfire

Legal Briefs, November 9, 2021

CEQA, Development Agreements, Hollister, San Benito County, Yolo County

Costco Gas Station Opponents Confront The Infill Exemption

CEQA, Costco, Infill, Tustin

Huntington Beach Housing Decision Reversed

Housing, Housing Accountability Act, Huntington Beach, San Mateo

Cities Can't Require Developers To Prove Financial Feasibility

Concessions, Density Bonus, Housing , Los Angeles
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