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Prohousing Designation Sets "A High Bar" for Cities

AHSC, Grants , HCD, Housing


SCG Considers 19 Projects for AHSC Grants

AHSC, Grants, SGC


SGC Announces 2016 AHSC Schedule, Workshops

AHSC, California, Grant Funding, SGC, smart growth


AHSC Programs Tops Up 2015 Awards

AHSC, Senate Bill 375/Sustainability, Vol. 30 No. 12 December 2015


Should Cap-And-Trade Program Rethink "Disadvantaged Communities?

AHSC, Cap-and-Trade, Grants, Housing


SCG Gears Up to Give $400 Million in Grants

AHSC, Grants, Housing, Local government finance, Senate Bill 375/Sustainability, SGC, Vol. 30 No. 7 July 2015


SGC Confirms Recipients of $122 Million in Grants

Affordable Housing, AHSC, California, Indian casinos, Senate Bill 375/Sustainability, Strategic Growth Council, Transit Oriented Development


SCAG Wins In AHSC Grant Funding Recommendations

AHSC, Grant Funding, Regional planning, Senate Bill 375/Sustainability, Strategic Growth Council, Vol. 30 No. 6 June 2015


Cities Hustle for $120 Million in Funding from SGC

AHSC, California, smart growth, Strategic Growth Council