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Tim Draper Will Yet Solve California's Problems!

Ballot Measures, Secession, ThreeCAs


Updated: Land Use Ballot Measure Results: June 5, 2018

Ballot Measures


Five Land Use Measures Appear on Local Ballots

Ballot Measures, Ballot-Box Planning, Elections, Rent Control, Urban Growth Boundaries


Ballot Measure Roundup: A Quiet Election Day in California

Ballot Measures, Elections


L.A. Voters Reject Slow-Growth Measure

Ballot Measures, Los Angeles, Measure S


Napa County Properly Kept Oak Woodlands Initiative Off Ballot, Court Rules

Ballot Measures, Initiatives, Napa County , Oak Woodlands


Calexit in Reverse

Ballot Measures, Calexit, Housing, Trump


Land Use Ballot Measure Results, Nov. 2016

Ballot Measures, Election 2016, Growth, Infrastructure, Rent Control, Transportation


California Voters Face Bumper Crop of Land Use Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures, California Propositions, Infrastructure, Marijuana , Rent Control


L.A. Metro's Prop. 13-Driven Christmas Tree

Ballot Measures, LA Metro, Proposition 13, Public Transit

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