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Forward Into The Past

Ballot Measures, CEQA


Let the Sun Set on Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures, California, Los Angeles, Prop 13, Proposition 13, Proposition U


Seventy Land Use Measures On Local Ballots

Ballot Measures


June 3, 2014 election: results on land-use ballot measures

Ballot Measures, California, Elections


Encinitas Voters Approve Height Limit, Vote Requirement

Ballot Measures , Encinitas


November 2012 Land Use Ballot Measures

Ballot Measures, California, Initiatives and referendums, Legislation, Vol. 27 No. 10, October 2012


Land Use Measures Kept Off Ballots In San Mateo, Riverside

Ballot Measures, CP&DR Staff, Initiatives and referendums, Legal Digest, Vol. 23 No. 01 Jan 2008


Local Ballot Measure Results From November

Ballot Measures, Elections, Vol. 21 No. 12 Dec 2006


Voters Reject Major Growth Measures On March 2 Ballot

Ballot Measures, Vol. 19 No. 03 Mar 2004


Land-use ballot measures, November 2002

Ballot Measures, Elections, other, Vol. 17 No. 12 Dec 2002

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