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The State of Northern California, Starring Los Angeles

California, Morris Newman


The New Silicon Valley Land Banking: Corporate Campuses Sell Out to Homebuilders

Deals, Farmland, Infill development, Land Banking, Morris Newman, Santa Clara, Santa Clara County


ULI Issues Thin-Skinned Response to Criticism

California, LA Live, Morris Newman, Urban Land Institute


Unlike U.S., China Embraces Density and Enormity

China, Density, Morris Newman


CP&DR Exclusive: Fictitious Draft EIR for Downtown L.A. Football Stadium

AEG, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Stadium, Morris Newman


A Fairy Tale of Sunnyvale

Downtown planning, Morris Newman, Places, Redevelopment, Santa Clara County, Vol. 25 No. 22 Nov 16 - 30 2010


Rich Rise Ever Higher Above Poor in Megacities

Morris Newman


LA Live? Really, ULI?

Los Angeles County, Morris Newman


Can Photovoltaics Create a Sunny Future for Brownfields?

Brownfields, California, Morris Newman, Solar Energy


Oakland Mulls Cannabis as Land Use and Then Forgot What It Was Thinking About

Alameda County, Morris Newman

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