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Environmentalists Beat San Diego County on CAP Again

CEQA, Climate Action Plans, San Diego County


San Diego County's Approval Of 40-Acre Lots Is Thrown Out

Julian, San Diego County, Williamson Act


When Does Guidance Become A Threshold?

CEQA, Climate Action Plans, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, San Diego County


CEQA Analysis Can Put Traffic From Vacant Store In Baseline

California Environmental Quality Act, San Diego County


Nice Try, Cal State -- But CEQA Mitigation Doesn't Require State Appropriations

California Environmental Quality Act, California State University, mitigation, San Diego County, San Diego State


Balboa Park Bridge Plan Upheld by Appellate Court

General plans, San Diego County


CEQA Baseline May Include Previously Exempted Emergency Work, Court Rules

California Environmental Quality Act, San Diego County


SANDAG Case Accepted by California Supreme Court, SD County CAP Case Declined

CEQA, San Diego County, SB 375


Appellate Court Upholds Coastal Commission's Tough Stance on Encinitas Seawall

Coastal development, San Diego County


OPR Indicates VMT Guidance Will Trump General Plan Standards

CEQA, San Diego County, SB 743, VMT

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