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Let's Retire Our Ideological Labels For Cities

Berkeley, Housing, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose


Are Market-Rate Units Unwelcome In San Francisco?

Housing , RHNA, San Francisco


Supreme Court Makes Takings Cases Easier

San Francisco, Takings, U.S. Supreme Court


Trump Judges Begin To Influence California Land Use

Ninth Circuit, Property Rights, San Francisco, Takings, Trump


San Francisco Sets Aside Rancor to Support Housing at Potrero Power Station

Housing, Redevelopment, San Francisco


Planning Departments Feel COVID-19's Fiscal Pain

Anaheim, COVID-19, Hotel Bed Tax, Mammoth, Sales Tax, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara


Housing Crisis Turns School Districts Into Developers

Berkeley, Housing , Mountain View, San Francisco, San Jose, Schools


Will Slow Population Growth Help Housing Affordability?

Housing, Los Angeles County, Population, Riverside County, San Francisco


Cal Supremes Uphold Local Telecom Ordinance

San Francisco, Telecommunications


"Delivering" San Francisco from Its Housing Crisis

Housing, London Breed, San Francisco

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