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When Is An Historic Railroad Trestle Not Historic?

CEQA, San Jose


There Was No Way the Builders Were Going to Win the San Jose Case

Housing, San Jose


Oakland A's to San Jose: It Was Just One of Those Things

California, Major League Baseball, Oakland, San Jose


BART's Four-Station Extension In San Jose Hits a Rocky Patch

BART, San Jose


San Jose Preservationists Win Round In Fight Over IBM Building's Fate

San Jose, Vol. 21 No. 10 Oct 2006


San Jose Plan Would Update Suburban Industrial District

Local Watch, San Jose, Vol. 20 No. 09 Sep 2005


Infill Housing Project Is San Jose Style Smart Growth

Larry Sokoloff, Local Watch, San Jose, Vol. 17 No. 07 Jul 2002


San Jose's Montgomery Hotel: An Expensive Souvenir

Deals, Morris Newman, San Jose, Vol. 15 No. 02 Feb 2000


City Hall Joins Migration to Downtown San Jose

Paul Shigley, Public Development, San Jose, Vol. 14 No. 06 Jun 1999

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