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Airport's Tailspin Imperils Development in Ontario

Economic development, General plans, Inland Empire, Josh Stephens, Local Watch, Ontario International Airport, San Bernardino County, Transportation, Vol. 25 No. 23 Dec 1 2010


Bay Area Commission Anticipates Sea Level Rise

California, Climate change, Coastal development, Featured Articles, Nate Berg, Vol. 25 No. 23 Dec 1 2010


Local Agencies Gain Powerful Tool for Preserving Farmland

General plans, Katherine J. Hart, Legal Digest, Stanislaus County, Vol. 25 No. 23 Dec 1 2010


Exemptions May Limit Local Impacts of Prop. 26

Bill Fulton, California, Development impact fees, Insight, Legislation, Proposition 26, Vol. 25 No. 23 Dec 1 2010