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Book Review: Julius Shulman Los Angeles

Architectural Photography, Julius Schulman, Los Angeles County, Modernism, Vol. 26, No. 14 July 15, 2011


Flawed Engineering Report Dooms Prop. 218 Assessment

Calaveras County, Development impact fees, Legal Digest, Legislation, Prop. 218, Vol. 26, No. 14 July 15, 2011, William W. Abbott


Budget Cuts Could Imperil Review of Housing Elements

California, Featured Articles, Housing, Housing & Community Development, Josh Stephens, Vol. 26, No. 14 July 15, 2011


CRA, League Sue to Overturn Redevelopment Remissions

California, California Redevelopment Association, League of California Cities, Redevelopment, Redevelopment Watch, Vol. 26, No. 14 July 15, 2011

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