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Incoming Berkeley Design Dean Seeks to Unite East and West Coasts in Responsible Urbanism

Academia, Architecture , Q & A, Town and Gown, Transit Oriented Development, UC Berkeley


Legislative Update: Wiener Revises SB 827 Transit Oriented Development Bill

Housing, Legislation, SB 827, Transit Oriented Development


SGC Confirms Recipients of $122 Million in Grants

Affordable Housing, AHSC, California, Indian casinos, Senate Bill 375/Sustainability, Strategic Growth Council, Transit Oriented Development


TOD Advocacy Keeps Chugging Along

California, Public Transit , TOD, Transit Oriented Development


ULI TOD Summit June 7

Los Angeles County, Transit Oriented Development, ULI


TOD Without The T Is Simply Odd

Paul Shigley, San Mateo County, Transit Oriented Development


Bay Area's Saltworks Project Provides A Planning Casebook

Climate Change, Downtowns, Infill, Paul Shigley, San Mateo County, Transit Oriented Development


Gimmie a T! Gimmie an O! Gimmie a D!...

Josh Stephens, Transit Oriented Development, ULI