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Voluntary Effort Sets High Goals for Bay Area's El Camino Real

Paul Shigley, Public Development, San Mateo County, Transportation, Vol. 23 No. 06 Jun 2008


Federal Climate Change Bill May Exceed Transportation Legislation's Influence

Insight, Transportation, Vol. 23 No. 04 Apr 2008, William Fulton


Highway Toll Plans Profit From Congestion

California, Insight, Transportation, Vol. 22 No. 08 Aug 2007, William Fulton


Fresno Traffic Impact Policy Declared ‘Illegal'

CP&DR Staff, Fresno County, Legal Digest, Transportation, Vol. 22 No. 06 Jun 2007


Freeways Take Right-Of-Way For Transportation Funding

California, Paul Shigley, Public Development, Transportation, Vol. 22 No. 04 Apr 2007


Automated Parking Coming To Built-Out City Near You

Innovations, Transportation


Federal Transportation Bill Provides Mixed Bag

Transportation, Vol. 20 No. 09 Sep 2005


Lack of Money Threatens to Slow State's High-Speed Rail Plans

California, High Speed Rail, Paul Shigley, Public Development, Transportation, Vol. 16 No. 12 Dec 2001

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