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More Housing Bills Killed In Sacramento

CEQA, Housing, Legislation, Specific Plans, Wiener


New Housing Laws Bring Design Standards to Fore

Design Standards, Housing, Legislation


Amended SB 50 Housing Bill Allows More Local Control

Housing, Legislation, SB 50, Scott Wiener


CP&DR's Top California Planning Stories of 2019

Housing, Legal, Legislation, TopStories


CEQA Exemptions For Homeless Shelters Highlight Legislative Year

CEQA, Housing , Legislation


Newsom Considers Revival of Redevelopment and Anti-Moratorium Bills

Housing, Legislation, Zoning


Raft of Housing, Land Use Bills Remain Alive in Legislature

Housing, Legislation


SB 50 Density Bill Merges with SB 4, Passes Committee

Housing, Legislation, SB 50, Scott Wiener


Brown Signs Housing Bills

Housing, Infrastructure Districts, Legislation


Legislative Update: Wiener Revises SB 827 Transit Oriented Development Bill

Housing, Legislation, SB 827, Transit Oriented Development

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