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CP&DR News Briefs, April 6, 2015: MPO's Question Grant Program; L.A. Adopts Ambitious Health Element; O.C. Told to Build More Housing, and more

Bay Area, California, Don Shoup, In Brief, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Metro, Monterey County, Oakland, Vol. 26 No. 7 Apr 1, 2011


Oakland A's to San Jose: It Was Just One of Those Things

California, Major League Baseball, Oakland, San Jose


Uptown Oakland Plan More Interesting Than You Think

Alameda County, Housing, Morris Newman, Oakland, Places, Vol. 24 No. 02 Feb 2009


Port of Oakland Capitalizes on Waterfont Properties

Economic Development, Oakland, Paul Shigley, Vol. 16 No. 09 Sep 2001, Waterfronts

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