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Santa Clara Water Pump Charge Didn't Violate Prop. 218, Court Rules

Groundwater, Santa Clara County


Environmental Group Can Sue Over San Jose General Plan EIR

California Environmental Quality Act, Santa Clara County


Neighbors Fail to Demonstrate Inadequacy of Hospital EIR's Traffic, Noise, Mitigation Analyses

California Environmental Quality Act, Santa Clara County, Vol. 27 No. 6, June 2012


Bay Meadows Refines Transit Oriented Development

Infill development, Local Watch, Mixed-use development, Santa Clara County, Specific plans, Trends, Vol. 27, No. 4 April 2012


Annexed Parcel Subject to Voter-Approved Down-Zoning

Legal Digest, Legislation, Santa Clara County, Vol. 26, No. 17 September 1, 2011, Zoning


'Term Sheet' for NFL Stadium Does Not Trigger CEQA Review

California Environmental Quality Act, Cedar Fair, Glen C. Hansen, Legal Digest, San Francisco 49ers, Santa Clara County, Stadiums and arenas, Vol. 26 No. 9 May 1, 2011


The New Silicon Valley Land Banking: Corporate Campuses Sell Out to Homebuilders

Deals, Farmland, Infill development, Land Banking, Morris Newman, Santa Clara, Santa Clara County


Projected Traffic Estimates For Sunnyvale Road Project Violate CEQA

California Environmental Quality Act, Kate J. Hart, Legal Digest, Santa Clara County, Transportation, Vol. 26 No. 1 Jan 1, 2011


Historic Palo Alto Adobe Not Protected By CEQA

California Environmental Quality Act, Historic preservation, Legal Digest, Leslie Z. Walker, Santa Clara County, Vol. 26 No. 1 Jan 1, 2011


A Fairy Tale of Sunnyvale

Downtown planning, Morris Newman, Places, Redevelopment, Santa Clara County, Vol. 25 No. 22 Nov 16 - 30 2010

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