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CP&DR Vol. 36 No. 5 May 2021


CP&DR News Briefs May 25, 2021: First Major Housing Bill; SPUR's Bay Area Vision; Warehouse Lawsuit; and More

Land Use Gets Share of $100 Billion Budget Increase in May Revise

Budget , Newsom

Judge Says SB 330 Applies To Referendums

Ballot Box Zoning, Housing, Oceanside, Referendums, SB 330

CP&DR News Briefs May 18, 2021: Homelessness Funding; $3.1 Billion for Climate; Milbrae Gets Sued; and More

California Cities Cut Parking Requirements

Bakersfield , Don Shoup, Housing, Parking, San Diego, San Jose

Where Is California's Population Really Declining?

Bay Area, Central Valley, Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Population, Sacramento

Short-Term Vacation Rental Regulation Subject To Coastal Act

Coastal Act, Santa Barbara, Vacation Rentals

CP&DR News Briefs May 11, 2021: Federal Wilderness Protection; Google Complex; Caltrain-BART Merger; and More

El Dorado Ballot Measure Conflicts With General Plan

Ballot Measures, El Dorado County, Exactions, General Plan, Traffic Mitigation
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