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Is It Time To Consolidate The Housing Production Laws?

The experience with both the builder's remedy and SB 9 suggest that we may have too many laws going in too many different directions at the moment.

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Rating California's New Transit Lines and Extensions

New public transit lines, extensions, and major upgrades have been opening up all over California lately. CP&DR reviews the impacts of these transformative, and not-so-transformative, projects.

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No CEQA Exemption For Stadium Lights

Reversing lower court, appellate panel rules that San Francisco erred in saying high school stadium lights can be exempted from CEQA

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Legal Briefs, November 19, 2022

Short-term rental ordinance in Pacific Grove doesn't infringe on vested rights; Petaluma apartment building EIR upheld.

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Housing (Mostly) Wins on Local Ballots

But measures calling for increased housing development potential met decidedly mixed results.

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Santa Cruz Student Housing Moves Closer To Construction

Judge rules that University of California acted properly under CEQA in approving project on "East Meadow" site. Citizen group's expert real estate analysis was not sufficient to combat the decision.

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Redondo Beach Braces for Massive "Builder's Remedy" Project

The Builder's Remedy could help transform a moribund power station into over 2,200 oceanside units.

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Legal Briefs, November, 2022

An indequate EIR in Lincoln and a code enforcement officer chased through the city streets in Chino.

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Sonoma County Weighs Open Spaces vs. "Missing Middle" Housing on Shuttered Hospital Site

Shuttered state-run hospital could provide hundreds of units of housing in Sonoma County -- if a deal can be reached to maintain access to surrounding parklands.

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CEQA Trumps SB 330 On Stevenson Project -- For Now

San Francisco judge rejects YIMBY's argument that San Francisco should have approved the project in order to comply with the Housing Accountability Act. She said such an action is not possible with environmental review still pending.

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How Developers Seized Upon Builder's Remedy In Noncompliant Cities

The attorney who is helping developers bring over 4,000 units to Santa Monica nearly overnight shares the nuances of the newly powerful Builder's Remedy

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El Dorado Traffic Fee Upheld

Traffic mitigation fee conforms to Nollan/Dolan doctrine, appellate court rules.

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Some CEQA Exemptions Must Be Agendized

If a CEQA exemption is connected to a project approval at the City Council level the exemption must be agendized even if the decision is delegated to the staff, appellate court rules.

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Coyote Valley Inverse Condemnation Case Moves Forward

Landowners claim San Jose downzoned their property but paid $96 million for similar property nearby.

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Where Did This "Builder's Remedy" Come From?

It's been on the books for 30 years but hardly used. As the Santa Monica situation suggests, however, it could completely upend local planning for housing in California.

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Are Some Development Standards "Unwaivable"?

Elk Grove dispute highlights question in density bonus law over whether a specific plan's ground-floor retail standard is a "fundamental land use zoning standard" that can't be waived -- if such a thing exists.

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Your LAFCO's Power Isn't Limitless

Stepping into a longstanding dispute over fire protection service in Tracy, the San Joaquin LAFCO gets its wings clipped for trying to impose a proactive "detachment" policy.

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Are Annual Progress Reports Useful Or Just A Big Pain?

Local governments must put together a report each year on progress toward housing goals. The state uses them to monitor the locals. But can locals use this information to their advantage too?

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