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Inland Counties Are Still Adding Population

Central Valley and Inland Empire population growth is still exceeding the national average. And births continue to exceed deaths in most parts of California -- even the coast. But the flow of coastal Californians out of state has become a tidal wave.

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The Swiss-Cheese CEQA Era

Having punched a big hole in CEQA to solve the Berkeley enrollment problem, will the Legislature be tempted to punch more holes in the future?

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State Auditor Targets RHNA Methodology

Auditor calls for clarification of methodology on vacancy rates and household formation -- the two factors that have been most controversial in pushing up the housing targets.

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2022 Legislation Doesn't Inspire As Much Passion

With the intense battles over housing production years in recent years now past, the Legislature appears ready to take a more low-key approach to bills this year.

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Judge Shuts Down Fanita Ranch Project

EIR didn't give enough detail on wildfire evacuation in latest chapter of 40-year development saga.

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Update: Legislation Would Exempt UC Enrollment Increases From CEQA

Bills would give UC Berkeley breathing space from the recent court ruling limiting admissions. But it would also change the nature of analysis on campus Long-Range Development Plans. And it's unlikely to slop over into General Plans.

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Enviros Stop Martis Valley Project

Appellate ruling may make it more difficult for CEQA practitioners to reconcile GHG analysis with state targets.

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Will the Legislature Reform CEQA or Just Weaken It?

In response to the Berkeley enrollment case, the Legislature is likely to do something. Exempting student and faculty housing would weaken CEQA -- but Justice Goodwin Liu laid out another path that could truly reform it.

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Stadium Sites Present Opportunities in Sacramento, Oakland

Redevelopment of Sleep Train Arena in Sacramento appears to be moving forward, but plans to redevelop the Oakland Coliseum and Oracle Arena lag behind.

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The Story Behind The Berkeley Enrollment Freeze -- And What It Means For Planning

The University of California tried to finesse the fact that Berkeley had blown past its enrollment target without doing additional CEQA analysis. And maybe the judge didn't have to "go nuclear" on this case. But the question of whether population growth in and of itself demands lengthy environmental analysis holds major implications for general plans in cities and counties throughout California.

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Cities Struggle to Comply With Tougher Housing Element Rules

HCD says 70% of draft elements don't meet the state's enhanced requirements.

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Enviros Lose Battle Over "Infill" In Chico

In an published ruling, an appellate court says the city's general plan encourages -- but does not require -- infill development.

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Housing Production Laws Put Cities in a Box in Court

As a recent San Diego ruling reveals, cities have no choice but to defend their decisions to abide by statutes like the Density Bonus Law. At the same time, they are trying to "thread a needle" to challenge those laws in court.

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Specific Plan CEQA Exemption Helps Push Newark Project Through

Enviros' argument that sea-level rise should be considered in EIR also rejected by appellate court.

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Density Bonus Law Trips Up Neighbors' Opposition to San Diego Project

The Bankers Hill group tried to shoot down a 20-story apartment building by, essentially, ignoring recent changes in state housing law. They failed.

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Ballot Initiative Seeks to Override Recent State Housing Laws

Proponents Must Submit 1 Million Signatures By May

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Vagueness in Development Code Trips Up Housing Project

In Santa Cruz, nobody quite knows whether a planned development is supposed to follow slope regulations or is supposed to evade them.

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Newsom Promises More Action on State Land, Housing Streamling

Without providing specifics, the governor's budget says he will redouble efforts to increase housing production. Some new programs are funded as well.

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