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Brown's Housing Bill Goes Down

But housing remains a big issue in remaining bills headed to Gov. Brown'd esk. >>read more

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Oakland Seeks Social Equity, Efficient Spending from New Department of Transportation

A Q&A with Nelson/Nygaard's Jeff Tumlin, who is serving as the city's interim transportation director.

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When Is An Historic Railroad Trestle Not Historic?

When the City Council says so, according to a new appellate court rulilng.

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Housing Bills Dominate 2016 Legislative Slate

Brown may not get his as-of-right bill passed. But lots of other housing bills are in the hopper. >>read more

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Forward Into The Past

A new crop of SoCal coastal slow-growth ballot measures is deja vu all over again. And current state policy isn't enough of a counterweight. >>read more

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Second-Generation SCS's Focus on Incremental Change

Governor's executive order might change the game if SANDAG loses pending California Supreme Court lawsuit. >>read more

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Court Shoots Down Urban Decay CEQA Argument

Business owner's comments don't constitute substantial evidence in Downtown Joshua Tree fight over Dollar General. >>read more

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SCS Doesn't Need To Take State Mandates Into Account

Pacific Legal Foundation loses another one.

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Anit-SLAPP Motion Denied In Carson NFL Case

An appellate court has denied an anti-SLAPP motion to strike in a long-running dispute between rival developers and the City of Carson.

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San Diego Not Quite Off The Hook In Brown Act Case

The City Council has changed its non-agenda public comment ordinance, but they're not off the hook yet.

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SCOTUS Wetlands Ruling May Affect California Vernal Pools

The U.S. Supreme Court's ruling gives property owners the ability to challenge the Army Corps' "jurisdictional determination" of wetlands before seeking a permit.

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