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Californias Duplex Moment

2s, 3s, and 4s are popular topics of discussion these days. But can California build them at scale?

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SCAG Shifts Housing Burden to Coastal Cities

The Southern California Association of Governments Regional Council voted to accept 1,344,770 new housing units in the six-county region.

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Nov. 5, 2019 Local Land Use Ballot Measure Results

Statewide, local voters considered only five land-use ballot measures. As usual, San Francisco led the way.

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Wildlife Corridors Attempt to Knit Habitats Back Together

Natural infrastructure projects would repair habitats ruptured by urban sprawl

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Court Tells Richmond To Reconcile Initiative and General Plan

Lower court ruling invalidating initiative is overturned

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CEQA Exemptions For Homeless Shelters Highlight Legislative Year

But Newsom vetoes a fair number of bills as well.

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Coastal Commission Shot Down on Encinitas Condition

Coastal Commission, Encinitas, San Diego Convention Center, Venice. But agency wins most other points in three appellate cases.

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With Suits Settled, Santa Clara's "Satellite Downtown" Moves Forward

The Santa Clara project is to include 5.4 million square feet of office space, about 1,700 apartments, and 1 million square feet of shopping, dining and entertainment

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The Three Big Reforms On Housing Policy

Over the past three years, the state has focused on ministerial approval, ADUs, and beefing up the housing element progress. But will all these changes result in more housing construction?

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Appellate Court Rules In Favor Of Chico In Walmart Dispute

Justices say the issues in the case add up to a policy dispute, not a dispute over the environmental impact of urban decay.

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Santa Barbara Celebrates "Authenticity," Faces Housing Crunch

Santa Barbara's charms, and challenges, will be on full display this week at the conference of the American Planning Association's California chapter, says Community Development Director George Buell.

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Drug Recovery Residences Subject to Zoning

In Dana Point case, appellate court rules that three residences housing people involved in a drug treatment program are not exempt from the municipal code.

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90-Day Lawsuit Rule In PZDL Applies Broadly, Court Says

Challenge to implementation of Del Mar's Scenic View Ordinance fails because plaintiff served city too late in the process.

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Southern California Balks at Aggressive Housing Numbers; SANDAG Cities Fight over Allocation

HCD assigned SCAG a far more aggressive housing target than it had asked for: 1,344,770.

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Livermore Looks Toward Valley In Rethinking Transit-Oriented Plan

Death of BART extension has forced the East Bay city to rethink how it is going to grow -- and plan around Valley Link instead.

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Thunberg's Voyage May Be a Stunt, But She Has a Point for Planners

Maybe if we made our neighborhoods more walkable and livable, we wouldn't want to increase our carbon footprint by flying to Europe all the time.

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With BART Extension Imminent, San Jose Looks to Turn Suburb into Urban Village

Berryessa Station area just northeast of Downtown San Jose is currently home to a flea market, but single ownership makes master-planning possible.

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