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Project Description Must Be Specific, Court Rules

Yet another setback for Millenium Hollywood project arises from flexible development potential on project's site as approved by City of Los Angeles.

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Will Trump Weaken California Species Protection?

Calfornia's system of habitat conservation planning may be strong enough to withstand the federal government's attack on the Endangered Species Act.

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Zoning Not Automatically Subject To CEQA, Cal Supremes Say

But justices don't let San Diego completely off the hook on bypassing CEQA in adopting marijuana dispensary ordinance.

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Incoming Berkeley Design Dean Seeks to Unite East and West Coasts in Responsible Urbanism

Author, architect, and professor Vishaan Chakrabarty will influence a new generation of California planners as dean of UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design.

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Housing Crisis Turns School Districts Into Developers

Especially in Bay Area, districts look at landholdings and see potential to provide housing for teachers.

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New Leader Shakes Up San Diego Regional Planning

New leadership seeks to revamp embattled Regional Transportation Plan for the San Diego Association of Governments -- and it could have statewide implications for SB375 planning

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Truckee to Transform Downtown with Railyard Redevelopment

Mountain town of Truckee will double the size of its downtown, redeveloping a railyard -- while keeping an active train

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Ellis Act Dictates CEQA Baseline

A vacant Hollywood apartment building can't be analyzed as if it were still occupied, court rules.

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San Diego County's Approval Of 40-Acre Lots Is Thrown Out

Appellate court concludes that subdivision was just a residential development in disguise and therefore in violation of the Williamson Act.

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Hesperia Beats Special District On Solar Control

Lake Arrowhead CSD had argued that state law pre-empted local land-use authority over a proposed solar panel project. The Court of Appeal disagreed.

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SB 375 Environmental Review Upheld

Broad ruling in Sacramento case gives cities great lattitude in approving infill projects.

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State Begins To Push SB 2 Planning Money Out The Door

Application process is easy for $123 million in noncompetitive grants for housing planning projects.

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Streamlining the Housing Element System

Recent legislation focuses on beefing up the housing element process, but how can California make sure that better housing elements actually lead to more housing?

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Single additional user to group subscription

Group subscription one additional user.

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Newsom's Budget Includes Fines to Spur Housing

Gov. Gavin Newsom allocated $2.7 billion for housing and homelessness — the most ever in a California budget — and policies to prod cities into complying with RHNA

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How Will The Knick Ruling Affect California Planning?

More local land-use cases may land in federal court -- and local planners still aren't sure what constitutes a taking.

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Is The End of Zoning Near

And if so, will cities -- and their citizens -- still find ways to restrain the private real estate market?

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