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20 Cities To Deal With Land Use Issues on Ballot

Affordable housing, extension of vote requirements, several development projects all on ballots around the state

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What If California Stops Growing?

The population is going down for the first time ever. But California planning -- and its entire local government structure -- is based on the assumption of growth.

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Trump Judges Begin To Influence California Land Use

Based on the new judges' dissent, an important San Francisco property "takings" case may be headed to the U.S. Supreme Court

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Housing and Storage Find Common Ground

Storage and housing facilities in urban areas are often seen is competing with one another. But Public Storage and Alta Housing joined forces to push seven-story project through in Mountain View.

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New RTP/SCS Documents Must Grapple With More Housing

Southern California and Bay Area MPOs must get more aggressive to meet RHNA goals and SB 375 goals.

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Newsom Signs Housing and Planning Bills

Most involve incremental change, however, as major zoning reform bills all failed.

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Lafayette Approves Full-Size Version of Infamous Apartment Development

Terraces Of Lafayette, featuring in Golden Gates, moves forward at final SB 330 council meeting, but opponents have filed a new CEQA lawsuit.

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CEQA Challenge to Granite Bay Storage Facility Is Moot

Among other things, the neighbors didn't seek to stop construction until the project was almost built.

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Close Call For SB 1120 May Mean More Focus On Duplexes

Housing experts say small projects will cost less and be easier to build than large multifamily projects weighted down by affordable housing and union labor requirements.

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Brentwood Again Loses Redevelopment Case

State won't reimburse city $20 million for public infrastructure projects.

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Los Altos Reverses Decision To Appeal SB 35 Case

City says it fears losing $7 million bond if appeal fails. Permit for 5-story project should be approved this week.

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Senate Housing Package Dies On Legislature's Last Night

SB 1120, the duplex bill, almost passed but ran out of time. None of the five bills proposed last spring by Senate leader Toni Atkins made it to the governor.

$5.00 Available

Major Warner Center Developments Move Forward

Former mall site and rocket plant likely to be redeveloped as part of implementing Warner Center Specific Plan

$5.00 Available

Not All Well Permits Are Ministerial

It depends on which standards are in play in a particular situation, the California Supreme Court rules in a case from Stanislaus County.

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More Housing Bills Killed In Sacramento

SB 1120, which would ease duplex zoning and lot splits, is the most important land use/housing bill still likely to pass.

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Cities Confront Environmental Justice In General Plans

OPR issues guidelines for implementing SB 1000, which requires local governments to address EJ directly in planning for the first time.

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Bills To Allow Housing In Commercial Zones Dead For This Year

After messy hearing in the Assembly Local Government Committee, other bills in the Senate housing package move forward as legislature faces month-end deadline.

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The Missing Middle Is Real

New HCD data shows California knows how to build for the top of the market -- and nobody else.

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