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Los Angeles' Slow-Growthers Have Gotten What They Wanted

Demographics, Los Angeles, Proposition U, Slow Growth


A Forest of High Rises Grows in Los Angeles

Downtown planning, High Rises, Housing, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Places, Zoning


CP&DR News Briefs, April 6, 2015: MPO's Question Grant Program; L.A. Adopts Ambitious Health Element; O.C. Told to Build More Housing, and more

Bay Area, California, Don Shoup, In Brief, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Metro, Monterey County, Oakland, Vol. 26 No. 7 Apr 1, 2011


Los Angeles' Slow Burn

Downtowns, Geoffery Palmer, Los Angeles, Smart Growth


County of Los Angeles v. City of Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County


Los Angeles Goes Small with 50 New Parks

Los Angeles, Open Space, Parks, Vol. 27 No. 9, September 2012


Book Review: Planning Los Angeles

Book Reviews, Los Angeles


Los Angeles Marks 20 Years of Slow, but Steady, Recovery

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Riots


City, County, State Play Hot Potato with Los Angeles RDA

Los Angeles, Redevelopment


Sowing the Seeds of a Stadium

AEG, football, Josh Stephens, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County

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