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Fresno To Get Half Of New SGC Program's Funds

CalEnviroScreen, Fresno, Los Angeles, Strategic Growth Council, Transformative Climate Communities


L.A. Voters Reject Slow-Growth Measure

Ballot Measures, Los Angeles, Measure S


Challenge of Vision Zero Looms Large in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Pedestrian Safety, Transportation, Vision Zero


Coalitions Square Off Over Los Angeles Anti-Growth Measure

Ballot box zoning, Ballot initiatives, Los Angeles


California's Nastiest Urban-Rural Rivalry

Kern County, Los Angeles


Coastal Act Trumps Density Bonus Act

Coastal Act, Density Bonus, Housing, Los Angeles


Art Review: Ed Ruscha and the Great American West

Los Angeles


Los Angeles' Moral Failing

Bay Area, California, Los Angeles


A Plan with 'Zero' Chance of Success

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Mobility Plan, Vision Zero


Mobility Plan Nudges Los Angeles Towards New Transportation Modes

Los Angeles, Transportation, Vol. 30 No. 10 October 2015

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