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Los Angeles Marks 20 Years of Slow, but Steady, Recovery

Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles Riots


City, County, State Play Hot Potato with Los Angeles RDA

Los Angeles, Redevelopment


Sowing the Seeds of a Stadium

AEG, football, Josh Stephens, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County


Conference Introduces The Vertical, Transit-Oriented L.A.

Los Angeles, Public Transit, TOD


Venice Renters In Dickensian Dilemma

Housing, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, Places


Entertainment District Planned In Downtown Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Places, Vol. 21 No. 04 Apr 2006


Viability of Los Angeles Secessions Caught in Complex Numbers Game

Insight, Los Angeles, Vol. 16 No. 10 Oct 2001, William Fulton


New York Sprawls More than Los Angeles, Study Finds

Los Angeles, Vol. 16 No. 08 Aug 2001, William Fulton


Los Angeles Industrial Development Moves East

Economic Development, Los Angeles, Paul Shigley, Vol. 15 No. 09 Sep 2000


A Touch of Barcelona Would Be Grand in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, Morris Newman, Places, Vol. 15 No. 01 Jan 2000

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