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How Los Angeles Landed Its First Olympics

Los Angeles, Olympics


California's Duplex Moment

Housing, Los Angeles


Congestion Pricing and High Home Prices on L.A.'s Westside

Congestion Pricing, Housing, Los Angeles, Transportation, UCLA, Westside


Most L.A. Residents Have Considered Moving Because of Housing Prices

Housing, Los Angeles


Gentrification On Steroids?

Los Angeles, Opportunity Zones


Scooters Propel Cities Toward New Regulatory Approaches

Beverly Hills , Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Monica, West Hollywood


What's The Matter With L.A.?

Census, Housing, Los Angeles, Population


The Transit Crisis Is Really A Housing Crisis

Housing, Los Angeles, Metro, Public Transit , Transportation, UCLA


Vacancies In The Midst of a Housing Shortage

Downtown, Housing, Los Angeles


AG Exempt From CEQA Exhaustion Requirement

Attorney General, CEQA, Long Beach, Los Angeles , Port of Los Angeles

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